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Black Friday Bonus Episode

November 29, 2019

Surprise! We're back with another random bonus episode, this one in honor of Black Friday (which, at least in the United States, is the day on which shoppers go out of their minds, retailers take out massive ads promoting tiny discounts, and the Christmas shopping season officially begins). In case you're doing any shopping, we wanted to suggest some games for the non-gamers in your life, to help you bring them into the fold. So in this episode we take a brief run through all of our previous episodes, and talk about what games in each category might be good choices for exposing new gamers to that kind of game. Then we round the whole thing out with some suggestions that don't quite fit into any of the episodes we've recorded so far.

Along the way:

  • Joe uses the words milieu and zeitgeist - both correctly, thank you very much - in the space of 20 seconds
  • Jayson introduces a game that's "functionally Yahtzee, but with violence"
  • Frank tells us about a game whose rules promote better living through chemistry
  • Mike gives us an unsolicited promo for After School Dice Club
  • We mention Target and Barnes & Noble so many times that they should really start sponsoring the show (call us!)

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