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A monthly podcast dedicated to the history, evolution, present state, and future potential of our favorite board games.

Who We Are

August 1, 2019

Brian Schoner


"The Mouth"

Brian is a gaming omnivore; he plays board games, card games, role-playing games, miniature games, videogames, mind games - no, really, he's a certified hypnotist - and the bass guitar. He also wrote some RPG adventures and sourcebooks back in the day. To pay for all his expensive hobbies, he installs and customizes helpdesk software, which is just as exciting as it sounds. His favorite games include Gloomhaven, Code 777, Innovation, Macao, and (when it's time to get miniatures involved) Malifaux.


Frank Branham


"The Memory"

Frank has been rabidly collecting games for 45 years. He is likely to utter such phrases as “There were like 100 copies made,” “It's from the mid-1950’s,” “only sold in Europe,” or the dreaded “the copy I have is only in Lithuanian.” (Seriously. There was a whole bunch of them at that lost luggage place in Alabama.) Frank also gets it in his head to design games occasionally, and has a capricious mix of board and card games, as well as a few LARPS, in his portfolio. Because none of these pay, he works days shoveling bits as a cloud systems and virtualized infrastructure engineer.


Jayson Wehrend


"The Money"

Jayson grew up playing the standard family board games with a very reluctant younger brother. Only in the last few years has the addiction really taken hold. Now he has a basement full of games and a bank account empty of dollars; the advent of Kickstarter-backed board games was the beginning of the end. On the whole, Jayson likes cooperative, heavy strategy, and role-playing games. If those games come with miniatures you’ll probably get him as an “all-in” backer.  When he is not gaming, Jayson is putting his chemical engineering degree to great use working in computer security. Favorite games include Star Wars Armada, Conan, Too Many Bones, and Battlestar Galactica.  


Joe Streeky


"The Mastermind"

Joe has enjoyed board games for almost his entire life. After growing up playing games with his family and friends, gaming is a life long passion of his. While always down for any kind of board game, he has a particular love for asymmetric games (Vast, Root, etc.) and cooperative games (Sentinels of the Multiverse, Aeon's End, etc.). He also has a deep love for role-playing games and film. He is a member of the Feats and Fables team, which is an actual-play DnD 5e podcast. To fill his time between board game nights he runs a DevOps group that provides search capability to the masses and focuses on AWS and GKE.


Mike "kodab" Hanft


"The Media"

Michael has been playing board games since he was in middle school, when he would gather the local gang of kids to duke it in an epic multi-day game of Risk or Monopoly on the porch where Mom wouldn’t have to clean the table off for dinner. He’s since refined his taste for games, and has been collecting more modern games since 2005, but he still loves games with a great theme more then anything. Michael’s other hobbies include coffee, video games, camping, and volunteering at local nature centers. Currently, when he’s not board gaming or teaching science to kindergartners through 5th graders, you’ll find him streaming video games on Twitch under the handle Kodabgames. Be sure to check out his stream most Tuesdays through Sundays at You can also hear him playing D&D alongside Joe on Feats and Fables.