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A monthly podcast dedicated to the history, evolution, present state, and future potential of our favorite board games.

Episode 1 - Deckbuilders

July 31, 2018

Welcome to our podcast! We're a bunch of Atlanta-area nerds that like talking about board games almost as much as we like playing them. Our stated mission is to talk about how board game mechanics and concepts have evolved over the years...but really, we just like talking about games. (And picking on each other.)

This first episode may sound a bit stiff - it's actually our second time recording it, since audio errors ate the first one - but please don't hold that against us!

We're starting out on a monthly release schedule, and may try to step that up to every two weeks if we get a groove going and people like us.

We'd love to hear what you think - please drop us a line via any (or all!) of the following methods:

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