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Episode 13 - Legacy Games

August 1, 2019

It's our anniversary - we've been doing this podcast thing for a whole year! To celebrate, we're doing an episode on legacy games, and as a special treat for you (and for us!), we are joined by a very special guest - Rob Daviau, the man behind the legacy game craze (and a lot of other great games besides)! In this episode:

  • Rob tells us about the original inspirations behind Risk Legacy, the person who knew that Pandemic Legacy would be a trilogy before Season 1 was even published, and the brand new Machi Koro Legacy, available right now at Gen Con!
  • We talk about some of Rob's non-Legacy games too, such as the forthcoming Return to Dark Tower!
  • Joe offers such thoughtful gaming insights as "If you lose, you don't win" and "At the end, there's one winner, and that person wins."
  • We learn how to play Six Degrees of Frank Branham.
  • We discover that, thanks to Joe, we've been playing legacy games all along.

Legacy games are susceptible to spoilers, but this is a spoiler-free episode. You can find some additional short files with spoiler content for various games here, but the main episode is safe for all (except for the occasional grownup word).

Also, there are some new options on the future episodes poll - please let us know what you'd like to hear us talk about!

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