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Episode 14 - Press and/or Push Your Luck

September 1, 2019

We're continuing our second year of podcasting - can we keep this up, or are we just pushing (or is it pressing?) our luck? Either way, we don't plan on stopping, so here's an episode of us discussing games in which you have to press and/or push your luck. In this episode:

  • We learn that the podcast feeds off of Brian's pain.
  • We introduce you to Feats and Fables, the D&D actual-play podcast that Joe and Mike are part of.
  • We discover that John Scarne (great card magician, author, and Paul Newman's stunt hands in The Sting) also designed some pretty interesting card games - and one really simple dice game.
  • We talk about Roll Or Don't, a nice online implementation of the classic game Can't Stop
  • We learn about Dread (shown here), a tabletop RPG with a boardgame inside!

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