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Episode 20 - Drafting Games

March 2, 2020

Happy March! It's time to discuss drafts, and not the ones that may be sending winter chills through a not-quite-sealed door. Nope, this is about picking the best options for you from a hand of cards, and then passing your unwanted dross to your neighbor.

    • Richard Garfield shows up at the beginning and the end of the episode
    • We talk about the early history of drafting in card games, as well as an interesting set of draft-specific Magic cards that Joe couldn't remember the name of (it was Conspiracy).
    • Frank saves a classic game from oblivion, and gets a thank-you from the designer (although he remembers the wording a little wrongly).
    • He also tells us a little bit about the Ancient Times before BoardGameGeek and his own contributions to its early days.
    • We discuss The King's Dilemma, which is barely a drafting game at all but which we wanted to talk about anyway. And here's an entry from Bruno Faidutti's blog about its relationship to the cool mobile game Reigns.
    • Mike is too sick to be on this episode, but Joe assures us that he is definitely not dead and buried in the backyard.

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