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A monthly podcast dedicated to the history, evolution, present state, and future potential of our favorite board games.

Episode 34 - Out of the Lockdown

June 1, 2021

We're playing board games again! In the same physical space as each other! Vaccinations - another win for science! In this episode, we discuss the games that we're most looking forward to playing - on a real physical table in someone's house! Also, we ask timeless questions like:

  • What game does Frank describe as "Wheel of Fortune, the legacy board game"? 
  • What game does Brian describe as "the most Frank Branham game I've ever heard of"?
  • How many different ways can we mispronounce Corey Konieczka's name in one episode?
  • How many different ways can we mispronounce Leder Games in one episode?
  • And who recorded the best rock cover of a Saturday morning cartoon theme song? The Who? The Ramones? Or someone else entirely?

In addition:

  • Mike has achieved a dubious achievement!
  • We take a (mercifully brief) digression into the history of JRPGs.
  • Brian reveals his mean side, which he's never actually hidden.
  • We add another X and create the first 5X game! (Conceptually, at least.)
  • We start a new competition, and Jayson immediately comes up with a way to beat us at it.

As always, we appreciate your listening and would love to hear your comments on any or all of these items, and especially a review on iTunes if you have the time and inclination!

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