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Episode 37 - Games You Shouldn‘t Play

September 1, 2021

Hey, you know how we mostly talk about games we like on this show? Well, here's a change of pace for you! That's right, here's an entire episode on games we think you shouldn't play - either because they're unplayable as written, wracked by production errors, or just really, really bad. Don't give up hope, though - we do have recommendations for better games that we think you should play instead. Listen along as:

  • None of us can remember which of Fast Food Franchise and Food Chain Magnate is which.
  • Mike is very annoyed that he didn't get to play one of the games you should never play.
  • The ritual of Throwing A Die, and its origin in...[checks notes]...boring goat-fondling
  • When the nicest thing you can say about a game company is, "They make really nice bags."
  • Was this Kickstarter a troll, a money-laundering scheme, or just a series of really terrible ideas? The world may never know.

And, of course, we have plenty of other random links and stuff!

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