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Episode 39 - Simultaneous Selection Games

November 2, 2021

Hi folks! We're back to talk about the cumbersomely-named "simultaneous selection games," which covers everything from Rock-Paper-Scissors (and its ancient antecedents) to Gloomhaven. Your Humble Editor had a pretty rough month, so the audio on this one may likewise be a bit rougher than usual, but hopefully it's not too bad. Thanks for understanding!

Featured in this episode:

  • Mike tries to explain the difference between Rock-Paper-Scissors and Diplomacy, and the rest of us do NOT get it.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock did NOT originate on The Big Bang Theory, thankyouverymuch.
  • We learn about a very colorful remake of the Star Fleet Battle Manual.
  • We discuss some of the many, many Lost Worlds gamebooks(and related series) that were released in the 1980s. (And that page isn't even an exhaustive list...)
  • Mike introduces a game about which literally everything he remembers is wrong.
  • Joe practices for a future in which he testifies before Congress.

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