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Episode 40 - Spatial Arrangement Games

December 1, 2021

Happy winter holiday(s) of your choice! If you're having trouble fitting everything you need to do this month into your calendar, listening to our discussion of spatial arrangement games...well, probably won't help, but hopefully it'll at least be entertaining, and might even provide some last-minute gift ideas.

We ask and answer many questions in this episode:

  • How many times (and how many ways) can we say "tetrominos" in one episode? (With "cromulent" coming a close second.)
  • What game does Joe describe as "like you're making a stained glass window of anger and rage"?
  • "Mommy, where do meeples come from?"
  • How do you build a city out of forced labor?
  • Remember when the boxes of the Alea Big Box series of games were considered big?
  • What's the board game equivalent of a Metroidvania? (Whatever it is, Frank threatened to knife us over it.)
  • What does it take to get Frank to say something nice about Asmodee?

And here are some pictures that might help supplement our audio-only descriptions of these games:

All this, plus Mike's dog Samus crashing the ending...more or less literally. Enjoy!

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