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A monthly podcast dedicated to the history, evolution, present state, and future potential of our favorite board games.

Episode 41 - The 2021 Year-End Wrap-Up

January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! We mean it this, really...please?

This month we're taking a look back at the good times in 2021 - yes, there were some - as we discuss our favorite games from the past year. We also have some additional material on the games we DIDN'T discuss, as well as a look ahead to 2022, but Your Humble Editor is tired enough that that's going to be released as a special bonus episode in a week or so in order to keep THIS episode from being any later than it already is.

Included in this episode:

  • "Hey, guys...that's not how frogs work." (Well, Mike, the frogs aren't the only thing that's a mile high...) Possibly the weirdest game we've discussed all year, and Frank didn't even pick it! 
  • Joe confuses an episode of this podcast - which he was in - with Shut Up & Sit Down. (If only their subscribers and sponsors would do the same!)
  • Mike's insane Initiative journal (WARNING - spoilers, and an F-bomb, within!)
  • Did you just say "Slurp Gerblers"? (Yes, and we wish they hadn't.)
  • What top game is described as having "Frenchiness"? (It's totally a word, shut up.)
  • We TOTALLY all remembered the excellent Dune Imperium

Plus a few links to things that are mentioned in this episode, but exist outside it:

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