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A monthly podcast dedicated to the history, evolution, present state, and future potential of our favorite board games.

Episode 7 - Asymmetrical Games

February 2, 2019

I'm not gonna lie...this episode gets a little "inside baseball," as we delve (greedily and too deep) into the topic of what, exactly, constitutes an asymmetrical game. Hopefully we're at least able to keep it amusing along the way! If this one's not to your liking, stay tuned, as our Valentine's Day bonus episode should be a lot more light-hearted (not to say silly). Meanwhile, in this episode:

  • Joe goes on an angry rant about a game he claims is good!
  • Brian misquotes Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart!
  • We finally talk about Gloomhaven!
  • And, most shockingly, people have their minds changed on a topic via rational discussion like civilized human beings!

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