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Episode 8 - Great Gimmicks

March 1, 2019

Welcome back! This month's episode isn't about a game mechanic as such; it's about the weird and wonderful gadgets and one-of-a-kind crazy ideas that make some of our most memorable games...well, memorable. (We promise we'll be back to a more evolutionary topic next month.) You'll definitely want to visit our Instagram and/or Facebook pages to check out the photos and videos for this episode, since there are a number of gadgets that are really tough to explain in an audio-only medium. Listen on as we:

  • ...display a truly staggering ignorance of how copyright law works!
  • ...finally talk about a Catan game, after only 8 months!
  • ...giggle like twelve-year-olds at the names of some problematic Keyforge decks!
  • ...refer vaguely to a really cool gimmick that we can't actually talk about now because spoilers!

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