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Rob Daviau talks RETURN TO DARK TOWER!

January 10, 2020

Bonus episode time! The amazing Rob Daviau (@robdaviau on Twitter) returns to tell us about Return to Dark Tower, which will be live on Kickstarter on January 14 (less than a week away)! This promises to be an amazing, high-tech game combining two great design talents (Rob and Isaac Childress of Gloomhaven fame) with a substantial chunk of technological wizardry and a healthy dollop of nostalgia. Rob also drops a few tidbits about Pandemic Legacy: Season 3 (!) and Cthulhu: Death May Die as a bonus on top of your bonus, because we like you that much.

We apologize for the lousy sound quality here; we had a lot of technical issues getting the interview to record at all, and wound up going with about our fourth-choice solution. You can still hear all the good stuff, though. Make sure to swing by Restoration Games' website so you don't miss the Kickstarter when it goes live next week - this one is going to be a doozy!

And, as always, comments, questions, suggestions, and iTunes reviews are always appreciated!